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00 // WHAT WE DO

Studio Octava is a full-service architecture firm that designs high-end residential and hospitality projects from concept to completion in Costa Rica.

01 // Our Story


2019 we purchased, remodelled and rented our first apartment which turned out to be a great business and investment. Equipped with our experience of working in Vienna, London & Beijing we are now developing projects in Costa Rica. With Studio Octava & our team we turned our passion into business and provide our knowledge & service of building beautiful, high quality projects to other people like us.

High Quality

Owners ourselves, we are obsessed with long lasting execution and durable detailing.


We strive for beautifully balanced spaces that feel refreshingly modern, warm and classy.

04 // Capabilities

Our Service

Business & Marketing

With access to our own rentals we can help you to develop your own realistic business plan. 

–  P&L | Business Plan
–  Project Estimation
–  Go To Market
–  Marketing Concept
–  Local Representation
–  Concept for Loan Approvals

Feasibility & Concept

Reduce risk before undertaking any significant expense by evaluating common pitfalls.

–  Site Visit & Evaluation
–  Requirements Catalogue
–  Volumetric Studies
–  Design Concept
–  Cost Analysis
–  Permissions Assessment

Architecture & Design

We are synthesising tropical building principles with elegant design solutions for maximum comfort.

–  Architectural Drawings
–  Technical Drawings
–  Lightning Concept
–  Interior Concept
–  Landscape Design
–  Building Permissions


A building is only as good as its details its composed of. We are specialists finding elegant technical solutions.

–  Tender Documents
–  Construction Plans
–  On-Site Management
–  Contractor Supervision
–  Turnkey Construction
–  Drawing As-Built Plans

05 // Offer

Our Packages

Consultation Meeting


Ask us anything that comes to your mind, during a personal or virtual meeting.*

Feasibility Package

From 2900$

We will deliver you a first design proposal and perform a reality check for your project.*

Architectural Package

From 9500$

All documentation and drawings needed to receive permissions and build the project.*

Book A Consultation. No Strings Attached.

or drop us a mail with your question here:


Or Download
Our Guide.

Property Development in Costa Rica

We put together a guide for aspiring homeowners & private investors in Costa Rica. In the guide you will find everything we wished we had known before developing our first property. We cover things you should know about purchasing a property, legal requirements, architecture & engineering and tips and tricks that will help you to make better decisions during your first steps of your project.

Finca Chica

Finca Chica is a stunning blend of traditional farmhouse-style elements and tropical building components that compose a beautiful ensemble nestled in the lush hills of Nosara...
  • Design

    M. Usher, R. Portillo, R. Lopez, F. Mena, J. Salas, M. Arce, A. Cespedes

  • Location


  • Year


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Cabuya Jungle Huts

In the jungles of Montezuma, Costa Rica, nestled among the trees, sits the project Cabuya Jungle Huts. Owned by a diverse couple with backgrounds from both...
  • Design

    M. Usher, R. Portillo, F. Mena, R. Lopez, A. Gonzalez

  • Client


  • Year


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Waterfall Residence

Coming Soon…
  • Design

    M. Usher, R. Portillo, A. Gonzalez, F. Mena, R. Lopez

  • Client


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Casa Marquise

In the beginning of 2020, StudioOctava has been commissioned to plan a house in Costa Rica that is like no other. The marquise house is the...
  • Strategy


  • Design

    M. Usher, R. Portillo

  • Client


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Pumas Residence

In the Pumas Residence, every aspect of the design and building process was carefully considered to create a fully sustainable and eco-friendly living space. The walls...
  • Strategy


  • Design

    M. Usher, R. Portillo, F. Mena, R. Lopez

  • Client


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