Due to the fact that the property is located right on a road, this project has been developed to lean on the idea of a vertical garden in order to grow a “shield” in front of the windows, and on the rooftop terrace, giving the residents the privacy, they deserve while also creating a natural insulator and shading against heat for the building. The apartments have been designed to be as functional as possible and to make the best use of the available space. The layout has been carefully thought out in order to create an open and airy feel, while still providing a sense of privacy and seclusion.


Turnkey development of 2 villas for a large family to be used throughout the year with the option to rent when not inhabited. Max out lot size of 400sqm to allocate as many bedrooms as possible. The project should feel open and airy while providing a sense of privacy from the outside.

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    M. Usher, R. Portillo, A.Gonzalez, F.Mena, R.Guerra,

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"The traditional Costa Rican home turned upside down."

The traditional Costa Rican home is being turned upside down. Like its sibling, Beachways Villas Yolanda, the living areas are located on the top floor to enjoy the views and give them an airy feeling, while most of the bedrooms and service areas are on the lower levels. This way every bedroom enjoys privacy on a small private terrace. The social areas are open to the outdoors towards the sides and the top, to provide them with the beautiful views and light of Costa Rica.

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