Beachways Villas Yolanda

Our clients, a European family, never imagined they would fall in love on a property so far away from their home country, but that is exactly what happened. The family was looking for a place to relax and get away from the cold European winters, and they found the perfect home in Costa Rica. The property is surrounded by lush vegetation and just steps away from one of Costa Ricas most beautiful beaches, making it the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the holidays.



Situated on a rather compact plot of 400 square meters, this duplex house design is specifically conceived to comfortably accommodate up to 16 individuals. The project aims to cater for the dynamic and ever-changing occupancy due to new guests, thus requiring an architectural approach that emphasizes ease of maintenance. Durability and resilience are key considerations, with materials and finishes selected to withstand the demands of heavy and incessant usage.

  • Design

    M. Usher, R. Portillo, R. Lopez, F. Mena, J. Salas, R.Diaz, A. Cespedes, M. Arce

  • Location

    Mal Pais

  • Year


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Discover the renowned timber carbonization process we apply to our buildings. Read on and explore the advantages it offers.

The building is inspired by the concept of a vertical garden

Studio Octava – Architects Costa Rica, was faced with the challenge of designing for a compact 400 sqm lot. Departing from the conventional Costa Rican home layout, which typically features gardens and living areas on the ground floor and bedrooms on the upper level, we reimagined the space by consolidating all social areas on the upper levels. This strategic decision not only optimized the available space but also allowed for the creation of a spacious rooftop terrace complete with a luxurious pool and elegant pergola.

The owners, who live stay in Europe, were concerned about the maintenance of their Costa Rican home during their absence. They desired a home that would continue to look great and nearly as built as the years passed.

To address this, the owner collaborated with architects to select a charred timber facade for the house. The charring process not only makes the wood resistant to insects, including termites, but it also means that any damage or signs of wear are less noticeable due to the dark color of the wood.

The facade has been designed with the intense solar radiation of Mal Pais in mind. The plants in front of the windows on the balconies and terraces don´t just reduce the solar radiation but also protect from any views from the street and on top of that gives a fresh tropical visual vibe.

Inside the building has been designed with the idea of an inverse color scheme, featuring in contrary to the charred timber facade in black, purely white and creme tones, that lighten up the space and mood. The result is a modern but tropical color scheme that surprises every guest.

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