Cabuya Jungle Huts

In the jungles of Montezuma, Costa Rica, nestled among the trees, sits the project Cabuya Jungle Huts. Owned by a diverse couple with backgrounds from both Latin America and Asia, this eco-lodge was created with sustainability in mind. With their five hectares of land, the owners aimed to enhance the natural surroundings and make minimal impact on the environment. Organic shapes can be found throughout the property, from the cabins to the pool, offering guests a unique and immersive experience in nature.



Masterplan for 5 Cabins, 2 Houses and a pool. The structures should take in consideration the future division of the land. The structures should be designed in a way to create a minimal impact on the property and its surroundings.

  • Design

    M. Usher, R. Portillo, F. Mena, R. Lopez, A. Gonzalez

  • Client


  • Year


Structures mimicking mushrooms.

During the design process we have experimented with different structures that would lend a attractive look to the rental business through its exciting architecture. Finally a design has been chosen that mimics the look of various mushrooms growing on the property. The project will be using timber as the main building material. We also incorporated sustainable design elements such as natural lighting and ventilation, energy efficient appliances, and water conservation measures. In order to keep project cost low the owner has a strong involvement in the construction process especially in the area of his expertise, timber. This does not only help to keep costs down, but also adds a personal touch to the finished product.

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