In the beginning of 2020, StudioOctava has been commissioned to plan a house in Costa Rica that is like no other. The marquise house is the first curved timber roof building in Costa Rica and was designed to be part of the natural landscape, with walls mimicking the environment and framing some fantastic ocean views. Designed to be family home but also a potential rental home, this house features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, one kitchens and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. Its curved & pitched timber roof provides a comfortable climate inside the building while being open to the sky above it in the same time.



Architectural design, permissions & construction of a home for up to 8 people. The design should be a combination with a traditional "Bali-Style" feel and Studio Octavas signature curves. The house should have 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large open space kitchen, dinging & living area. The exterior should feature a large recreational area with a organic pool design.

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    M. Usher, R. Portillo

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The Marquise,
a bright & chic twist on a Bali-Style House.

The iconic marquise shape, the center piece of the house, creates a impressive interior scenario that on one hand brightens up the large common area in the middle of the house and provides a comfortable climate with a double height ceiling, perfect for a humid climate like in Osa. 

The house is playing with classic and modern elements in the same time. A dark brown roof, typical for tropical houses but reinvented by Studio Octava, and bright modern furniture, create an interesting contrast with an elegant look uncommon among other homes in Costa Rica.

Casa Marquise was designed with the intention of framing the most prominent views of the property with floor to ceiling window outlooks in the commons spaces while maintaining enough roof overhang to protect against too much sun radiation during the dry season in Costa Rica.

The landscaping around the house tries to mimic the movements of the house without overpowering it. Meandering pathways that lead to multiple levels feature lush green gardens framed by corrugated corteen steel garden elements that provide a warm contrasting color to all the green.

The design of the pool offers more than just a place to swim and relax. By creating different zones within the pool, we have ensured there are options for every type of water activity. There is a spacious shallow end for lounging and playing with children, as well as an area designated for lap swimming.

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