Moss micro-apartment apartment is a masterpiece of small apartment design and functionality. It is located in Vienna’s city center walking distance to Belvedere Place one of the most visited attractions in Vienna. It’s built-in 40m2 with high-quality materials that reduce maintenance, making this space as beautiful for years to come! The soft natural light filling up every corner will make you feel like royalty in your own home away from the hustle-bustle city life hassles – or at least until someone steals all those delicious cupcakes off our counter 😉


The task was to split a 2 level maisonette apartment into two halves, one for being used by the owners, and the second half being rented out. Due to the location, the apartment had to be designed in a way so it could also be rented out as a short-term rental. Therefore various hidden storage units have been created in order to accommodate all necessary bedsheets, amenities, and cleaning utensils out of sight, hidden and integrated into the furniture.

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    M. Usher, R. Portillo

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A Apartment Design That's Both Functional and Beautiful.

The overall design of this apartment is kept in a sleek, modern white palette. Along with the clean aesthetic, there are also several ingenious storage solutions. For example, the room separator doubling as a wardrobe offers ample storage space without sacrificing the open layout. 

In the kitchen, concealed cabinets and drawers provide space for everything from pots and pans to table linens. Even the coffee table has hidden compartments for storing magazines and remote controls. Altogether, every inch of this residence has been designed to be both stylish and functional.

One of the biggest challenges in bedroom design was finding enough storage area for bedsheets and cleaning utensils. That’s why we introduced also into the bed headrest a hidden storage feature. Using a magnetic card, the headrest opens to reveal a convenient area for storing extra pillows and blankets. 

Everything within the apartments is made with high-quality materials, including walnut timber veneer and Alcantara fabric. Not only is it inherently resistant, but it also adds a stylish & warm touch to the bedrooms.

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