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We are a Full-Service Architecture Firm for High-Quality Projects.

Our team in Studio Octava offers comprehensive architectural services, encompassing all stages from initial design conception to the final construction detail. We provide thorough oversight and project management throughout the building process. Clients can depend on our team of seasoned architects and engineers to transform their vision into a fully realized structure and successful project.


We prioritize a process-driven methodology, ensuring that we do not merely impose our architectural ideas. Instead, we engage with our clients, considering their unique parameters to uncover the full potential of each project. This approach typically yields distinctive solutions that resonate with the client’s objectives.

We are Creating Unique
Spaces that Nourish Mind And Body.

Finca Chica - Nosara


We create masterplans that provide guidance for projects with successful outcomes & goal achievements.

–  Investors Pitchdecks
–  Permit Acquisition
–  Local Representation
–  Infrastructural Planning
–  Coordination of Advisors
–  Land Studies

Feasibility & Concept

We reduce risks before undertaking any significant expense by evaluating common pitfalls.

–  Site Visit & Evaluation
–  Requirements Catalogue
–  Volumetric Studies
–  Design Concept
–  Cost Analysis
–  Permissions Assessment

Architecture & Design

We are synthesising tropical building principles with elegant design solutions for maximum comfort.

–  Architectural Design
–  Electrical Planning
–  Mechanical Planning
–  Interior Design
–  Landscape Design
–  Building Permissions

Construction Supervision

A building is only as good as its details its composed of. We are specialists finding elegant technical solutions.

–  Tender Documents
–  Construction Plans
–  On-Site Management
–  Contractor Supervision
–  Turnkey Construction
–  Drawing As-Built Plans

JP Guesthouse - Parrita

Let Us Support You Every Step of the Way with Our Expertise and Commitment.


Unique & Well Balanced Designs

Understanding flow of movement, the play of light, and the harmony of colors and textures.


Mindful Light & Opening Design

Maximize natural light while maintaining the building’s physical properties such as various cooling effects.



Ergonomics & Spatial Comfort

Well-being spaces, crucial for health; places to relax and recharge mentally. Healthy homes using healthy materials.


High Quality Detailing

Control mold and mildew effectively through detailing and adherence to European and US American standards.


Forest Guesthouse - Montezuma


Consultation Meeting

Enjoy a free consultation to discuss your project and learn about building in Costa Rica, including architecture, engineering, permits, etc. Ask anything during our casual chat, with the option for an online or face-to-face meeting. No obligation to hire us, and if we don’t know something, our professional network in Costa Rica may have the answer. It’s like having a friendly, informative conversation over coffee or a drink.

–  Quick Property Check
–  Permit Acquisition
–  Local Representation
–  Infrastructural Planning
–  Coordination of Advisors
–  Land Studies



Feasibility & Concept

Before starting property development, conduct a feasibility study to assess practicality and finances. Consider costs, regulations, and land suitability. Then proceed with massing and concept design, establishing the building’s size and shape as a preliminary blueprint for detailed planning.



Architectural Design

A full architectural concept that encompasses the initial design, detailed architectural plans, comprehensive electrical and mechanical planning, structural engineering, and the tendering process.


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Property Development in Costa Rica

We put together a guide for aspiring homeowners & private investors in Costa Rica. In the guide you will find everything we wished we had known before developing our first property. We cover things you should know about purchasing a property, legal requirements, architecture & engineering and tips and tricks that will help you to make better decisions during your first steps of your project.